Zsolt Nagykaldi, PHD, BTH

Dr. Nagykaldi is a Professor and Director of Research in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. He is also the Research Director of the Oklahoma Physicians Resource / Research Network and the Associate Director of Community-Engaged Research within the Oklahoma Shared Clinical and Translational Resource and the Oklahoma Primary Healthcare Improvement Collaborative. Since 2001, Dr. Nagykaldi has been working closely with healthcare professionals throughout the United States and internationally to improve the quality, safety, and cost of healthcare through practice-based and community-engaged health services research. He participated in or led a number of research and quality improvement projects that focused on preventive services delivery, management of chronic conditions, patient and community-centered healthcare, clinical decision support, shared decision making, and the development or implementation of health information technology in primary care settings. Partnering with patients, clinicians, and rural, tribal, and underserved communities, he developed and tested various interventions, facilitated the development of public-private partnerships, worked on primary care pandemic preparedness, implemented innovative practice improvement methods, and promoted community-engaged participatory research. Dr. Nagykaldi authored over 70 peer-reviewed publications and presented widely on his work. He has also taught and mentored numerous clinical learners at the undergraduate and graduate level.