Why should you attend?

  • Advance your understanding of current issues affecting the delivery of healthcare.
  • See how new technologies are impacting the future of medicine.
  • Collaborate with as many as 400 top physicians and other practitioners from throughout the state of Oklahoma.
  • Enjoy food, beverages, live music and networking at our Evening Party.


  • Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center, Norman, OK
  • smoore@explorehealthcaresummit.com
  • 405.815.4817
  • August 27-28, 2020
  • Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center
  • Norman, OK
  • smoore@explorehealthcaresummit.com
  • 405.815.4817
  • August 27-28, 2020

2019 Keynote Speakers

Dike Drummond, MD

CEO, TheHappyMD.com

Brett Culp

Filmaker and Speaker Who Documents the Positivity of the Human Experience

Bob Goff

NYT best selling author of Love Does and Everybody Always

Ajay Seth, MD

Author of Rewired-An Unlikely Doctor, a Brave Amputee, and the Medical Miracle That Made History


    This interactive, high energy workshop teaches how to recognize and prevent burnout, lower stress, build more life balance and a more Ideal Practice. Attendees will learn six burnout prevention tools and leave with a written action plan. The training is built on Dr. Drummond’s 3000+ hours of one-on-one physician coaching and experience training over 40,000 doctors.

    Dike Drummond, MD

    Leadership starts with the ability to look at every challenge – even the mundane tasks – as an opportunity to make a positive impact. Brett shares powerful stories from his filmmaking adventures of ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary things. He demonstrates how everyone has the opportunity and capacity to embrace leadership and make an impact. By learning to see themselves as leaders contributing to a noble shared vision, attendees will feel empowered to bring greater confidence and enthusiasm to their everyday tasks. This shift in perspective ignites the heroic spirit in audiences, equipping them to bring the truest, most powerful view of themselves to every aspect of their work and life.

    Brett Culp

    One Minute Mindfulness

    This interactive, high energy workshop teaches a single-breath mindfulness technique—the “SqueeGee Breath” – so attendees can become the Eye of the Storm in their practice day. The SqueeGee Breath technique was proven effective in a research project with 24 volunteer physician. 13 of 16 measurements of mindfulness, stress and burnout showed statistically significant positive changes.

    Dike Drummond, MD

    This interactive workshop fills another hole in physician’s medical education – how to manage your boss and get what you need inside a bureaucracy. The tools are applicable to any large organizational setting – employer, group, hospital, health plan or ACO.

    Dike Drummond, MD



    This is probably the best conference I’ve ever been to. The motivational speakers are outstanding. You’re just left with a really good feeling. And then the professional part of the program was outstanding as well. Some really top-notch speakers and their specialties and I felt like I learned a whole lot.
    David Lovelace, DOEmergency Physician
    I choose to come to EXPLORE because it’s well put together. It’s been organized from the top down very well. Every year the speakers have been very good. It makes me think beyond medicine. Sometimes it’s about adventure, sometimes it’s about crises but each time it pulls us out of our silos of medicine and puts it into a different mind thought. I also enjoy the camaraderie of people that I don’t see for maybe once a year, but people I’ve known for maybe 20 to 30 years.
    Andrew Gin, MDNeurologist
    EXPLORE provides a great avenue to meet with physicians and healthcare workers around the state to educate them on some of the newer things we have as far as technology and advances in treatment for cancer. PLICO has done a great job with this conference and getting their brand name out there.
    Ryan AlleyPhysicians Relations, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

    Go Beneath the Surface with EXPLORE!