Shalene Mcneill, PHD, RDLD

As a nutrition scientist and registered dietitian, Dr. McNeill’s research interests include understanding and translating the current evidence on sustainable healthy dietary patterns. Dr. McNeill has experience in public health nutrition and deep knowledge of animal source foods, particularly livestock’s role in sustainable, healthy diets. She is particularly interested in the development of evidence-based nutrition guidance and the responsible communication of nutrition science to help the public make informed decisions that sustain their personal health and their family’s health while supporting social, cultural and environmental needs and values. Her professional contributions to nutrition and public health involve the intersection of food, health, and agriculture where she is recognized as a nutrition thought leader and expert resource for the media, her peers and stakeholders in the animal protein sector. She also has practical experience serving her rural community as a registered dietitian for the Special Supplemental Program for Women’s Infants and Children and supporting various community nutrition initiatives. Dr. McNeill and her husband, Scott, are raising two teenaged daughters and live in Pleasanton, Texas, just south of San Antonio.