Katelyn Romm, PHD

Dr. Romm is a life-span developmental psychologist with research expertise in understanding sociocontextual factors related to tobacco, cannabis, and other substance use, ranging from individual and interpersonal factors (e.g., psychological factors, substance-related perceptions, parenting behaviors) to macro-level factors, such as substance-related policy and advertising exposure.

Her research also aims to identify these associations as they occur over time among individuals at greatest risk for such use, including adolescents and young adults, as well as minoritized populations. The goal of her research is to identify factors that predict substance use initiation, escalation, and cessation to inform prevention and cessation efforts. Methodologically, she has expertise in large-scale survey studies involving both cross-sectional and longitudinal designs, qualitative research, and secondary data analysis of national longitudinal datasets (e.g., PATH), as well as a range of statistical analyses (e.g., latent growth modeling, latent transition analysis, cross-lagged panel modeling, factor analysis, multilevel modeling).