Fri, Aug 25th, 2023

The Opioid Epidemic

Clinical Update

Participants will understand the current opioid epidemic. Individuals will be exposed to basic terminology regarding opioids. They will understand statistics and epidemiology regarding the epidemic, as well as put overdose numbers in perspective in the State of Oklahoma by providing information on overdoses by the specific opioids (heroin, methadone, oxytocin, hydrocodone, fentanyl) and other lethal abused substances including alcohol, methamphetamine, and alprazolam. Individuals will understand the evolution of the opioid epidemics nationally and in the State of Oklahoma. Individuals will understand the role of the pharmaceutical industry in starting the epidemic through the myth that pain and addiction were unrelated phenomena. Participants will review the 2016 CDC guidelines for Opioid Prescribing, including understanding starting with a non-pharmacologic approach to acute pain, measuring function with pain management, the role of medications for Opioid Use Disorder and naloxone, and the need to avoid benzodiazepines. Finally, participants will understand Oklahoma laws regarding opioid prescribing.