Fri, Aug 25th, 2023

Hepatitis C in Primary Care

OAFP Scientific Assembly

Hepatitis C is increasing in the population, especially among younger persons given the opioid epidemic. It will continue to be important for Family Medicine and other primary care physicians to be comfortable with the available resources for treating this condition to prevent the potential long-term morbidity and mortality that is associated with Hepatitis C infection. This presentation will help guide the PCP in the work-up of hepatitis C, make them aware of available treatments with fewer side effects than traditional treatment, and when to refer for more complicated cases. We will also discuss strategies to prevent Hepatitis C by treating underlying substance use disorders. There are also now available treatments for HIV prophylaxis. Primary care physicians should be aware of and comfortable prescribing this important medication. The presentation will discuss which patients are appropriate for this treatment and what work up should be done prior to prescribing as well as for monitoring while on PREP. They will also be introduced to available program in the state for consulting with specialists for necessary patients with hepatitis C or in need of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis.