Sat, Aug 24th, 2024
University A

Black Doctor/Red State: The Effect State Politics Have on Recruitment and Retention Efforts of Black Physicians

AC Jackson Medical Society

This presentation sheds light on the concerning challenge of underrepresentation of Black physicians in the healthcare system. We’ll begin by examining the root causes of this issue including implicit bias during medical school admissions, lack of mentorship opportunities, and micro aggressions within healthcare settings. Next, we’ll explore the consequences of this disparity including cultural competency gaps in patient care, hinder efforts towards health equity for Black communities, and erode trust in the healthcare system. We will also emphasize the importance of a diverse healthcare workforce. Studies show that patients often feel more comfortable and have better health outcomes when treated by physicians who share their racial or ethnic background. By actively fostering a more inclusive environment in medicine, we can create a healthcare system that truly serves all communities.