Doug Wojcieszak

Doug Wojcieszak is a disclosure training consultant who created Sorry Works! and has trained thousands of healthcare, insurance, and legal professionals.  Sorry Works! is considered the brand name of the disclosure movement.  Most recently, Wojcieszak led the transition of Sorry Works! to a 501c3 non-profit organization. As a non-profit, Sorry Works! conducts research about disclosure while continuing to fulfill traditional roles of training and advocacy.

Wojcieszak has had several personal and professional experiences with tort reform and medical malpractice issues. He lost his oldest brother to medical errors in 1998 and his family successfully sued the hospital and doctors with the case settling in 2000. The hospital attorneys – not the doctors – empathized with the Wojcieszak family, but only after the case was settled and money exchanged hands, and they did not admit fault or apologize for the fatal errors. In 2005, Wojcieszak created The Sorry Works! Coalition, solely dedicated to promoting full-disclosure methods as a middle ground solution to the malpractice crisis.

Sorry Works! grew quickly over the years, attracting thousands of followers throughout the United States and around the world.  The Sorry Works! website have been visited by thousands since 2005, and the group has been publicized in countless popular and trade publications, including Time Magazine, National Review, National Law Journal, and American Medical Association News.  Sorry Works! has become the nation’s leading disclosure training organization by providing a variety content that covers every way people learn, from on-line learning and in-person presentations to books, booklets, e-newsletters, and webinars.

Doug Wojcieszak earned a MA in Bioethics from The Ohio State University, MS in Biology from the University of Illinois, and BS in Zoology from Miami University (Oxford, OH).