Nicole Washington, DO, MPH

Dr. Nicole Washington is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she attended Southern University and A&M College. After receiving her BS degree, she moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to matriculate at the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. She completed residency in Psychiatry at the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa and a Masters degree in Public Health through the University of Illinois at Chicago. Since completion of her residency training, Dr. Washington has spent most of her career caring for and being an advocate for those who are not typically consumers of mental health services, namely underserved communities, those with severe mental illness and high performing professionals. She runs the website,, a resource for physicians who are seeking psychiatrists to provide mental health treatment. With a passion for educating others about mental illness, she speaks on a variety of topics to colleagues and the general public. Through her private practice, podcast, speaking and writing, she seeks to provide education in efforts to decrease the stigma associated with psychiatric illness.