Emalee Ligon, MBA

Emalee Ligon is an accomplished healthcare leader with a Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications from Oklahoma State University (2016) and an MBA specializing in Leading Organizations and Healthcare Administration from Johns Hopkins University (2024). Emalee’s journey from Marlow, Oklahoma, showcases her commitment to excellence and adaptability. She currently holds the role of president of the Surgical Institute at True North, a distinguished private practice specializing in general and vascular surgery. Emalee’s academic pursuits and real-world experience converge to exemplify her dedication to patient-centered care and operational efficiency.

Emalee’s career trajectory and academic pursuits underscore her dedication to healthcare administration and leadership. With a background in strategic communications, her pursuit of further¬†education reflects her aspiration to enhance healthcare practices. Emalee married Aaron Ligon in 2017. She enjoys spending time with her husband and their two dogs, traveling to new places, and attending live music events.