Thu, Aug 24th, 2023

Office-based Opioid Treatment After the X-Waiver

Clinical Update

This lecture will guide physicians through the essential aspects of diagnosing Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), initiating treatment with buprenorphine, and managing the complexities of recovery and potential medication discontinuation. Beginning with a comprehensive overview of the diagnostic criteria for OUD, the session will delve into the evidence-based benefits of buprenorphine in reducing mortality and enhancing patient well-being. Attendees will receive practical insights into buprenorphine administration, including dosing, monitoring, and coordination with other therapeutic modalities. The lecture concludes with a balanced discussion on recovery and the contentious issue of discontinuing medication, emphasizing a patient-centered approach that considers the risk of relapse and mortality. Drawing from the latest research and ethical considerations, this lecture will empower physicians to make informed, compassionate decisions in managing OUD, striking a delicate balance between clinical efficacy and individual patient needs.