Doug Wojcieszak

Founder, Sorry Works! Coalition

Doug Wojcieszak is a disclosure training consultant who created Sorry Works! and has trained thousands of healthcare, insurance, and legal professionals. Sorry Works! content has become the “go to” references for organizations dealing with adverse medical events. As a 501 c3 not-profit, Sorry Works! focuses on conducting research about disclosure while continuing to fulfill traditional roles of training and advocacy. Doug has had several personal and professional experiences with tort reform and medical malpractice issues including time as the Executive Director of Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch, a grass-roots, pro-tort reform group. It was during this time that he first read and studied full-disclosure methods for medical errors as a way to lower malpractice lawsuits and liability costs as well as reduce medical errors. In 2005, he founded The Sorry Works! Coalition solely dedicated to promoting Sorry Works! as a middle ground solution to the malpractice crisis.