Kyle Rickner, MD

Family Physician and Co-Founder/Owner of Primary Health Partners

    Dr. Kyle Rickner is a Family Physician and co-founder/owner of Primary Health Partners that opened in January 2016, Oklahoma’s largest Direct Primary Care practice and 4th largest in United States. He is passionate about helping other physicians escape the bonds of the current broken healthcare system, especially as it relates to primary care. Dr Rickner has practiced in multiple settings including US Army where he was a two time war veteran, group private practice and corporate medicine where he was an executive physician for 80 member group. He believes the DPC model is by far the best for patients, physicians, staff and the healthcare system as a whole as a true cornerstone of the solution for our healthcare cost crisis.
    Dr. Rickner married his amazing wife in 1989 and they have six children Makenna, Mitchell, Maya, Matthew, Amani and Ty and two in-laws; Austin and Kayla. Outside of medicine he is passionate about his faith, active in his church, avid sports fan especially the OKC thunder and Oklahoma Sooners.