Ryan Underwood

    When leadership improves, everything gets better from relationships and results to profitability and possibilities. For the last 25 years, Ryan Underwood has been studying, practicing, and delivering powerful tools that help organizations expand their leadership potential and capacity. Whether it’s The White House, Congress, and federal agencies–local schools and nonprofits–Fortune 100 companies or small businesses, TEAMTRI’s four-part leadership system grows organizational health from the inside out. Since co-founding TEAMTRI in 1991 in his grandma’s garage in Orange County, California, more than 10 million people have benefitted from the work of Ryan and the Team from TRI. In 2009, Ryan co-founded with Carrie Underwood his greatest leadership project yet—raising daughters Madelyn and Annabelle. Ryan is a graduate with honors of Pepperdine University, a Senior Associate with GiANT Worldwide, and national recognized volunteer leader and Board Member of 25 state, national, and international nonprofit organizations.