Diane Rogers

President, Contagious Change

Diane Rogers is Founder and President of Contagious Change, and has over 25 years’ experience in leading healthcare improvement strategies, specializing in operational excellence, performance improvement & organizational change.

She is known for her positive, collaborative, strengths-based leadership style, encouraging individuals & organizations to “think differently” to create effective, inventive programs designed to cultivate a culture where exceptional, human experiences occur and transform care delivery.

As Developer of The hArt of Medicine®, Diane designs programs and workshops aimed at equipping, inspiring, and empowering professionals and leaders to create personal, human and effective interactions.  She works with individuals to assist them in discovering their best selves, fostering new potentials… new levels of fulfillment, performance and well-being.  She utilizes a strengths based approach, observing and exploring what strengths and behaviors manifest in positive interactions – bringing this awareness to the individual’s consciousness and allowing for further intention and choice.

Diane is a Certified Patient Experience Professional (CPXP), a Certified Professional Coach (ACC), and a Faculty member at The Beryl Institute and the University of Chicago Medicine Leader Institute.

Diane believes that ‘everyone has the capacity to change a world’.  Whether the world is the physical space that we occupy or a moment in an individual’s life; we all have the ability to create a positive energy that brings about an amazing change.  Through kindness, compassion and giving our heart to each other, we each can make a difference – it’s the only thing that really matters. 

Phone:  480.234.8291